Co-creators Big Joe, Jeannine, Jenna, Casey Ann, and Joey

Co-creators Big Joe, Jeannine, Jenna, Casey Ann, and Joey


a few years ago when we found out our transportation to a family wedding was running late. While killing time, we passed around a bottle of champagne and toasted to the evening ahead. The sentiments became more and more hilarious as the bottle traveled from person to person. At a certain point, a toaster had the group laughing hysterically, then concluded with, "Now, top that toast!" At that moment, the game had a name and came to life.

Top That Toast soon became a regular at all our family BBQ's and get-togethers. It has given us opportunities to acknowledge the major milestones in our lives, as well as to celebrate the everyday joys we've shared. People who were usually reserved began to join in on the lighthearted, easy-going fun. Acquaintances soon became friends, and friends quickly became family.

Family and friends of all ages have given a toast and added to the memories.

Now we invite you to do the same. 


Top That Toast is the creation of the Beck family: Joey, Casey Ann, Jeannine, Jenna, and Big Joe.