7 Great Places to Play Top That Toast

By Jeannine Beck

Being that Top That Toast is the game that turns any occasion into a celebration, we decided to outline some great ideas of when and where you can take your copy of the game.  Its portability makes it the perfect addition to almost any gathering.  Here are a few of our favorites.




            Whether it’s the Broad Street Run or the Phillies Home Opener, the tradition of congregating at the bumper of your car is one that many have perfected.  It is an ultimate place to toast distance runs or high hopes for a winning season.

Pop-Up ‘Beer’ Gardens



            Last summer Philadelphia received national recognition for its insurgence of pop-up parks across the city.  These open-air spaces for dining and socializing bring not only greenery to our urban landscape.  These cool spots offer people a chance to relax and reflect. 


Your own BBQ


            The warm weather almost instantly makes people want to be outside with a cold drink in hand and a bite to eat.  Following up a meal with a few rounds of TTT is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Frankford Hall



            Stephen Starr’s German-style biergarten has quickly become a great spot for happy hour with colleagues or for Sunday Funday.  In addition to the ping-pong tables and Jenga games already offered, the large outdoor picnic tables are ideal for passing the porrón – a great twist on the game!

Front Stoop

Michael Kirby Smith for The New York Times

Michael Kirby Smith for The New York Times

            Unfortunately - or not – many of the charming row homes in our city and others lack real yard space.  Therefore, many of its residents are obliged to socialize with neighbors right outside on the front steps of their homes.  Sharing a laugh or getting to know each other better is bound to happen when you raise a glass with the people right on your block! 


Spruce Street Harbor Park


            As Philadelphia begins the revitalization of its waterfront, citizens are delighting in the good vibes of the city’s hottest (figuratively) new summer spot.  Being on the water under the twinkle of the stars with some chill music in the background really sets the scene for reflecting on all of the good that life has to offer – the sentiment behind Top That Toast.


 Beaches of the Jersey Shore

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Vadino

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Vadino

The only thing better than the sights and sounds of a day on the beach is spending it in the company of your favorite people.  This is certainly where the Top That Toast team has given some of their most memorable toasts and cultivated the concept of what the game is today.