How to Play Top That Toast

By Casey Ann Beck


Top That Toast, the card game that turns any occasion into a celebration! 

Here's how:
Each box contains 250 cards and a set of instructions. 


50 Tone Cards:
These are the light blue cards with directives on the style in which each toast is given. They range from the classic Sincere style to the more thought provoking Rhyme Time. The deck also includes Top That Toast cards, which allows each player to participate in the same round to see who can give the best toast.

200 Topic Cards:
The dark blue deck lists the subject of the toast. Some target players, like the youngest in the group or player with the most recent birthday, while others require on-the-spot creative thinking, like the one that got away or guilty pleasure.


Who starts? The oldest in the group starts the game and leads the first round as the The Facilitoaster. After shuffling the Topic cards and dealing five of them to each player (including themselves), this person draws a Tone card and reads it aloud. 

Each player then submits, face down to The Facilitoaster, one of their Topic cards they'd like to toast. The Facilitoaster reads the selection of Topic cards to the group and selects the one they would like to be toasted. The owner of the Topic card shares their toast with the group and wins the Tone card that started the round. Players then pick up another Topic card to replace the one that was played in the round.

Who goes next? The person to the left of The Facilitoaster leads the next round, and game play continues in that order.

Who wins? While we like to think the real prize is the new level on which you know the friends and loved ones you played with, the player with the most Tone cards is deemed the winner.

TOAST TIP: It's easy if you have a literal interpretation of the topic, but don't be afraid to think outside the box! I once delivered a humorous toast on the one that got away about a dog I was going to adopt who was scooped up by another owner before I could make a move. At least I can laugh about it now!

Be sure to read the detailed instructions included in your box for directions on special cards and other ways to play the game!