10 of the Greatest Toasts from Movies

By Jenna Beck 

Giving a good toast isn't easy.  We've all been victims of ones that are less than captivating.  Nerves, alcohol, and pressure all contribute to a toast's success or failure.  When someone makes a toast that is memorable, it resonates with us. Maybe it's the sober, pregnant maid of honor who refers to the couples' first kiss as a "kitty piss" instead of "pity kiss" or the drunk best man who talks about the groom's previous sexual encounters; good toasts make us laugh, cry, and sometimes cringe.

Here we've listed our 10 of our favorite toasts from movies.

10.) In Her Shoes

In true Philly fashion, sisters Rose and Maggie disagree and couldn't be more different.  After Maggie sleeps with Rose's boyfriend, their friendship is broken.  But as sisters always do, the pair reconnects just in time for Rose's marriage to her true love.  As maid of honor, Maggie redeems herself by reciting E.E. Cummings "I carry your heart with me".

9.) Four Weddings and a Funeral 

Charlie delivers a great best man toast: He makes the crowd laugh, keeps it short, and speaks honestly from the heart.  


8.) Old School 

Mitch's best man speech shows that life is hard, and you should always call home before surprising your wife.  Beanie's save reminds us of Top That Toast's Stop that Toast card because sometimes less is more.  


7.) My Best Friend's Wedding 

Julianne reassures us that the best toasts are sincere and from the heart, even if that means admitting you're wrong.  And sometimes the best gifts are ones money can't buy.  

6.) Wedding Crashers 

This dynamic duo of many aliases, played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, teach us that you don't even need to know the people to leave a feel-good memorable impression.  

5.) Wedding Singer 

Family drama mixed with strong drinks always leaves the guests feeling awkward.  Every wedding has at least one El Borracho - translation: the drunkest.

4.) Love Actually 

We are using our liberties on this one, but pouring your heart out to your best friend's wife on hand-written cards proves that the best toasts are personal, genuine, and "enough".  Here's to the one that got away!

3.) Hangover 

Because the only thing better than Alan's wolf pack speech is the missing photos that resurface from the bachelor party! 

2.) Sex and the City 

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda remind us of the perfect combination for a good toast: good friends, strong drinks, and great memories. Cheers ladies! (Fast forward to 1:56 to see Carrie's toast) 

1.) Bridesmaids 

The ladies from Bridesmaids define what it means to Top That Toast.