what's in the box

  • 50 TONE CARDS that dictate the style and tone of each toast

  • 200 TOPIC CARDS from which you can draw inspiration


how to play

Each player draws five Topic Cards, and the oldest player in the group begins as the Facilitoaster.

The Facilitoaster draws a Tone Card which determines the style and tone of the toast that is to be given.

From the Topic Cards in hand, the other players select the card they think is the best match for the Tone Card drawn by the Facilitoaster. When the Facilitoaster picks a particular Topic Card, that player wins the round and the chance to deliver the toast! 

After the round, the discarded Topic Cards are placed at the bottom of the deck. Everyone draws a new Topic Card, and the next player becomes the Facilitoaster.

Check out the Official game Rules Sheet for more info and details on Special Tone cards.


what people are saying

  • "A Game That Teaches You to Make a Toast For Basically Any Occasion" - Playboy

  • "...Plenty of fodder for an unforgettable exchange of words, wisdom, and wit." - UncommonGoods

  • "Sure, this is a fun game to play with some drunk friends. It’s also fun to play as a family, or as a team building exercise or as a way to break the ice with some new acquaintances." - Geekadelphia